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Hi! I'm a Canadian working in San Francisco for McDonald's. I help McDonald's form digital partnerships with large and small tech companies and help bring in the newest tech and trends to help sell hamburgers and fries. I previously led business development at Kiip, helping grow Kiip's developer network from 100 apps to over 3,000 with an awesome team. I dabbled in investment banking and consulting before that.

I'm obsessed with sneakers, music, fashion, and food. I dabble in improv, and storytelling. I listen to rap, R&B, soul, jazz, and a bit of country. I'm a die hard D'Angelo and Kanye fan.

In 2016, I created Pokewalk, a viral on-demand parody startup where we offered someone to walk your phone so your Pokemon Eggs hatched quicker. It racked up over 200k page views over a couple days.

In 2017, I created Juicero+, which was a parody of the infamous Juicero product, but using a waffle iron.

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