I've always felt a bit of pride of loving Grailed from it's incredibly early days. Grailed is a marketplace for mens fashion, which was grossly under-served until Grailed came in. I mean guys were still stuck using eBay, and random forums. It was a mess. A bunch of marketplaces opened up for women, but then came Grailed. What's impressive about Grailed is not only that it's a marketplace, but they've helped create a community out of streetwear enthusiasts while streetwear continued to climb and climb. They turned a small little community of people who liked vintage fashion and brought it to the masses while enabling thousands to get value out of their old designer clothes. 

One Day

One Day is incredibly useful for journaling. With a mac app and iOS app and the ability to track your locations and upload pictures, you can create virtual journals every day with ease. And you can have seperate


Feel down or like you're spiraling out sometimes? While MoodNotes can't replace a therapist or anything, it's really helpful for you to just jot down what you're feeling, then it helps you categorize it under different themes, and then gives you different ways to look at the situation based on that. While you can use it everyday to track how you feel, I use it when I'm just in one of those moods, or it feels like the world is ending and the app helps it get re-framed like how my therapist does.


We all know Evernote went to shit. And Bear came in to save the day as a regular more-powerful-than-Notes notes app. You can create categories through hashtags and easily create to-do lists and other types of lists out of the app.